How do you package your items?

Our wooden items are placed in a reusable muslin drawstring bag. Our crocheted items are wrapped in tissue paper. All items arrive with care and safety instructions in a bubble mailer.

How do I wash my bonnet?

To care for your bonnet, hand wash it in warm water with mild soap. Rinse, gently squeeze, and roll the bonnet up in a clean towel. Press the towel roll down with your hands to remove excess water. Unroll the towel, reshape the bonnet, and lay it flat on another dry towel to air dry. Do not iron.

How do I clean my pacifier clip?

When needed, wipe the pacifier clip with a damp cloth. If needed, use mild soap and clean by hand. Wipe dry after rinsing. Do not soak. You can recondition the wood by rubbing a small amount of coconut or olive oil on completely dry exposed wood parts.

Why can't I soak my pacifier clip?

Our pacifier clips are made with untreated wood. Wood is a natural material and will expand with soaking. When it dries, it is possible for the wood to be compromised. In order to prolong the life of your pacifier clip, soaking is discouraged.

How do I know your pacifier clips are safe for my baby?

Safety is our number one concern.  We use the best safety practices when designing and creating our products. At the designing stage of our pacifier clips, we tested numerous strings, cords, and ropes for putting the beads together securely. We have found the best solution that is practical, strong, and safe. The wood we use is raw and is not coated with chemicals like lacquer or sealant. Our pacifier clips have been tested by a third-party CPSC compliant laboratory. We also include care and safety instructions with every order so that together we can keep your little ones safe.

Your beads are so smooth and shiny, are they really not coated with a gloss?

Rest assured, no gloss has touched our beads! The smoothness of the beads is the result of a completely natural process my husband and I developed which involves friction to make the beads completely smooth. After the smoothing process, the beads are coated with a blend of organic beeswax and organic coconut oil to keep the wood healthy.

Do you accept wholesale orders or collaborations?

Yes, please send your detailed request via our Contact page or the form below.

Have more questions?  Ask away!